Why Choose Our Law Firm

Reasons to Choose The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina

1. Qualified USA Attorneys

We employ attorneys with Juris Doctorate Degrees from the USA law schools and who are fully licensed to practice law in California and practice immigration law in all the USA states.  We pay close attention to USCIS changes and new policies. Immigration law and regulations change constantly, so you need the most professional and hardworking attorneys on your side.

2. We exclusively practice immigration law

Our lawyers only practice immigration law. Years of experience and hundreds of filed petitions give us a clear understanding of the USA immigration system.

3. We offer the review of self-prepare petitions

Starting September 2018, USCIS may deny petitions which are improperly filed or lack necessary evidence without first sending a request for additional evidence. We help clients who self-prepared the petitions avoid unfortunate denials. Attorney-review of all immigrant petition is available.

4. We offer RFE help (Request For Evidence)

We constantly consult people on how to properly answer the RFEs. Family-based, employment-based and all other RFEs.

5. We offer private consultations

Employees of the largest Silicon Valley corporations routinely consult our law office for the second opinion on their immigration matters. Due to dual representation limitations, immigration counsel of the largest Silicon Valley corporations may not give the employee the full list of their immigration options. Sometimes employees do not want to notify their employer’s immigration lawyers about possible H-1B transfers, they have questions about possible layoffs, green card delays, personal matters which may affect the immigration situation. Having a second opinion and an independent immigration lawyer by their side becomes very important. For years, our law office privately consulted the employees of the larges Silicon Valley companies about their immigration options. You have questions? We have answers.

6. Our Attorneys can go with you to your in-person Adjustment of Status interview at USCIS.

Starting October 2017, all people who file Adjustment of Status petitions will have to go for an in-person interview at USCIS. Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in California and can accompany you to USCIS Adjustment of Status interviews to obtain your green card.

7. Our Focus is on EB-1A, EB-1B, O-1, H-1Bs

We are laser-focused on the categories of EB-1A (Alien of Extraordinary Ability) and EB-1B (Outstanding Researcher/Professor) categories, as well as our I-140 clients’ I-485 or O-1  and H-1B cases.